Variations on a Theme by Ariana Grande


(string quartet)

This string quartet utilizes a theme from Ariana Grande ’s “Problem”. The intention of this piece is to show the wide variety of melodies and harmonies that can be extrapolated from this one theme (which is, in its entirety, two measures long, containing four different intervals, three rhythmic cells, and five pitches). The score contains notes that prove that each part of this piece is, in fact, related to the theme.

This piece exists to extrapolate Grande’s theme to absurd levels. This piece also shows the contradiction of saying that some of these parts are related, through common analytical practices, but seeing that the common listener of Ariana Grande would not be able to discern her melody until the end. This is to not put fault onto the listener of Ariana Grande but the analytical techniques of the classical institution.


The piece was completed in January, 2015 and was recorded in March, 2015 in the Vlahakis Recording Studio. It received an honorable mention at the Carnegie Mellon University String Quartet Composition Competition.


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