The Survivor’s Cello Suite

9/11 Memorial

for Solo Cello

This is a solo cello piece that was made in memorial of the September 11th , 2001 tragedies. The piece portrays a survivor of the events who is struggling to move forward while memories of the event. The survivor’s guilt still haunt them. As this survivor becomes comforted through their playing, the memory of the event is forced back into their mind by a cough (which was a symptom of all of the debris inhaled on that day), shaking them into emotional turmoil. From here, the survivor struggles to move forward.


I finished the piece in August, 2015. Evan Kahn ( premiered it in October, 2015 at a Carnegie Mellon Student Composer Recital. Unfortunately, the recording was clipped somehow, so if you want to feel complete, just play an F#-E-D on a piano near you.


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