The Privileged and the Pleasant


for Wind Ensemble (4 Fl., 2 Ob., 1 Eng. Hrn., 6 Cl., 1 B. Cl., 2 Bsn., 1 C. Bsn., 4 Hrn., 5 Tpt., 2 Tbn., 1 Tba., 1 Timp., 2 Perc.)

“The Privileged and the Pleasant” is a work working with two, unabashedly contrasting themes, working to see their connection in the lack of one provided until the end. Through this process, the piece slows down to create a dramatic acceleration back in the theme to take the audience out of the comfortable world of functional harmony as to not let that be the defining force behind the work.

Originally, I was embarrassed to name my inspirations. But I now realize that the absurd divisions between genre that strive embarrass should be no demotivator. I decided to write this piece when I watched The Philadelphia Orchestra playing Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony. Around this same time, I was using System of a Down to help me get to sleep. Their audacity with their sudden and unprepared transitions captivated me and I wanted to try it. Between the grandeur of Tchaikovsky’s Sixth and the diversity in ideas of System of a Down, “The Privileged and the Pleasant” was born.


I finished this piece in February, 2016 and the Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble read it in March, 2016.


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