The Helpless Song Cycle – V. Archetypes

(Completed January 31st, 2017. Premiered February 15th, 2017)

(fl., ob.+cor. ang, cl.+bass, bsn., hrn. vln. I, vln. II., vla., vc., cb. + solo sop.)

The calm before the storm. Archetypes explores the post-minimalist end of the spectrum of my writing. This song confronts the tendency to take people we admire and raise them to a super-human level, dehumanizing them in the process. The score marks the last tempo as “Resignation for a New Battle,” where the new battle is “Hedonism.”. This sets up the contrast between this movement and the concluding movement written for orchestra.

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Old man
Where have you been?
I see your comforts
In your skin

Solemn one
So fit in your ways
Lift your arms—And show me—
How to fly!

Will you—?
But don’t speak it
I want—
But I need…

Charming one,
I see it. I see it!
But I fade
Behind your façade

Come save me
Come save me
Come please!

Will you help me?
Or will you just ease
The pain?

Oh wise man
Teach me
But don’t show me
Your tricks

Oh Father
Where have you been, Father?
Oh Father!