The Helpless Song Cycle – IV. Sexualization

(Completed October, 2016. Premiered November, 2016. Orchestrated January, 2017. Premiered February 15th, 2017)

(OG. sop. and pno. ORCH. fl., ob.+cor. ang, cl.+bass, bsn., hrn. vln. I, vln. II., vla., vc., cb. + solo sop.)

This is not a piece of my understanding of the woman’s perspective on a man’s world but the portrayal of the voice of sexualization in my head. I’ve always been uncomfortable with the subconscious sexualizing thoughts that come so easily to my mind. This piece portrays the voice that contradicts those thoughts and displays the anger the voice and I, too, have for these thoughts.

The musical style of “Sexualization” succumbs to my urge to incorporate popular elements in this song cycle. In it, I created a blatant contrast between the pop and classical styles. I have omitted the text because the words function more as lyrics rather than read, as is the popular tradition.

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