The Helpless Song Cycle – III. Soul

(Completed November 2015. Premiered December 12th, 2015. Orchestrated January, 2017. Premiered February 15th, 2017)

(OG. sop. and pno. ORCH. fl., ob.+cor. ang, cl.+bass, bsn., hrn. vln. I, vln. II., vla., vc., cb. + solo sop.)

When “Soul” first premiered, under the title “Insanity,” I was hesitant to come forward with the full meaning of the song. So when I premiered the orchestrated version of the piece, I decided to do so with the full meaning displayed. “Soul” is the telling of three stories of mental health: Eric Harris, one of the Columbine High School shooters; James Holmes, the Aurora Theater shooter; and myself and my story of depression, the height of which I was in during the composition of this song. The song separates each story with the motive played at the beginning of the song, a minor sixth.

I tell the three stories in parallel because of their connection to the mental health of main characters While I’m aware of my mental health and willing to confront it, I have always been uncomfortable with how much I can relate to the mindset and helplessness of these atrocious people. Because of this discomfort, I wanted to shed light on how common and easily these mentalities can set in.

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My vest hangs today
I fold the collar of my trench coat
With this, I’ll find my way
With this, I’ll stay afloat
With pride, I walk the halls
The double glances, the averted gaze
I feel my power, I feel it all
This little victory, I am amazed

I can’t believe the pain I’m in
I’ve grit my teeth for four straight years
I’m hardly ready to grit again
But here I am to face my fears
I want my former regard
But struck again by weightless weights
I can’t help but stare into the yard
And desolate future in my wake

A bed so thick it drowns me in
I used to lay for my own sin
But now I’m stale, as stale as wheat
And evening sweat drapes morning‘s seat
I force myself in dusk’s warm haze
To walk through this last month’s maze
Into the bath where I lay down
The shower runs, my conscious drowns

I can’t unclench my fist
With my comforts, they still attack
I’ve gone to the Web to take a stand
I have a following to my back
I am the two man mob
With just one warnin
“Heute ist der Tag
Sie warren nich hier wünschen.”*

I fought it, I did it, I failed
Four straight months of struggle
I find no solace in my wails
I fight for literal survival
I am no one, just man with strife
That’s nothing new and forever true
But “if you take away a live,
It adds to your own value.”**

The drops against my skin grow numb
My thoughts, in steam like a smoking gun
I rise and scold my skin to sear
Yet not enough for the world to hear
The water off, I feel no rain
My mind turns to the world again
The numbness sears thoughts inane
“Man lives in greatest pain.”***

To live
Is meek
To kill
Is sweet

The task
Is set
To pay
My debt

In here
So mere
Not near
No fear

I lay on the ground

I sit in a cell

I‘m somewhere around

I’m a living hell  I’m a living hell  I’m a living hell

* "Today is the day you wish you weren’t here.” – A message displayed in German to the students of Columbine High School over the announcements the day of the shooting by the shooters.
** A quote of James Holmes’ during his psychological analysis before his trial.
*** Quote from Gustav Mahler, the composer’s mental state I most relate to.