Paranoia in an Illusion (the Trouble with Eyes)

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

for Wind Ensemble (4 fl., 3 ob., 4 Bb cl., 1 B. cl., 3 bsn., 1 sop. sax., 1 alto sax., 1 t. sax., 1 bar. sax., 4 hn., 3 Bb tpt., 2 tbn., 1 B. tbn., 2 euph., 2 tba., 1 timp., 3 perc.)

A short, standoffish, pseudo-fanfare, this piece explores the cognitive distortions I experience and battle when analyzing people’s expression and reactions to me. These distortions include increased self importance, polarized analyses, and a heavy of self-consciousness.

The trouble with eyes is they are where the over-analysis begin. These analyses aren’t always bad, but the structure is what leads to social anxiety.

This piece was finished on May 29th, 2019 and was read by the Lamont Wind Ensemble on June 4th, 2019 under my baton.