Other Musical Projects

2018 Elly Awards

An exciting collaboration with Steeltown Entertainment for their Elly Awards. They asked me to express the endless positivity created by the impact of the Pittsburgh artists.

Steel Symphony Transcription and Arrangement

From the mind of Leonardo Balada, through the mind of Daniel Curtis, to the bits of Finale and Max, we take on the challenge of writing an 80-part piece for 20 musicians.

Reel Teens Theme

In collaboration with Steeltown Entertainment’s Reel Teens. See how I use hip hop to help define the aesthetic of the Reel Teens’ third season.

The Party

An extrovert’s world told by an introvert. This is the first iteration of a responsive, sound installation.

The Director

Soundtrack for a film by Charlie Rock. Find out where Peter’s perfectionism takes him when he pursues is passions in the film world.