Just Another Struggle

JAS Collage

for Violin and Viola Duet

“Just Another Struggle” was a stream of conscience writing practice for myself. I wrote the first idea that came to my mind and then built on them. The ostinato at the beginning (the repeating idea, like a groove) laid the groundwork nicely for me to write on top. But what also resulted was some performance quirks such as having the performers chant and scream and very sudden transitions. I like to think this piece emphasizes strange qualities the medium of music can have. But maybe it also just emphasizes some strange quirks I have…


This piece was finished in May of 2014. It was originally written as a viola duet but I was able to easily adapt it for violin and viola. Sophia Hubeny (violin) and Denise Mol (viola) premiered this piece at the Carnegie Mellon University Composer’s Showcase in October of 2014. I’m extremely grateful that they committed to my quirks. It’s not easy to get on stage and perform. It’s even more difficult to get on stage and do uncomfortable actions outside the normal musical performance.


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