It Is Entirely Seemly

A Mini-Musical for 3 Voices and 5 Instrumentalists

This title of this musical is a reference to a quote by Homer that says, “It is entirely seemly for a young man killed in battle to lie mangled by the bronze spear. In his death, all things appear fair.” This reference creates an over-dramatization of a contemplation of purity that I have contemplated for a good portion of my life. How one can not fixate on every blemish to one’s conscience.


The musical was finished in March of 2014 and was premiered on May 1st, 2014 at The Freshman Showcase. This is a Carnegie Mellon concert I created to allow freshman music students to show off the hard work they put in to their first year in a conservatory-style setting. As a result, the piece was premiered entirely by freshmen and was composed and written by myself as a freshman.


John and Maria are a young couple. Up until this point, John has led the relationship on a path of purity, an obsession of his that leads to “John’s Song.” After Maria becomes quiet from John’s diatribe, John senses something is wrong. He then pressures Maria to reveal that she has been cheating on him, leading to “The Fight.”

After this song, the story jumps forward five years. During that time, John’s friend, David, has taken him under his wing and they build an underground cocaine business together. However, John’s obsession with purity still haunts him. David satiates John’s concerns with “Listen Up,” throughout which, David gets John drunk. Then, David leaves and Maria returns, stirring up all the doubt in John’s life and the anger that has led him to such a dark life. John, intoxicated, gives a monologue that leads him to the conclusion that Maria is the reason for his suffering and kills her in his rage. “Live On” starts with his sudden realization of his mistake and his suicide by overdose.


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