(there is currently no recording of Innocence)

(cl., tpt., cb., narrator)

“Innocence” is written for electronically enhanced speaker, clarinet, trumpet and bass. The speaker uses poetry written by myself which explores how tragic it is that we let innocence be a concept in our world that will destroy us when it is inevitably destroyed. The electronics distort the speaker, adding the emotional emphasis I intended while writing the poem.

The piece was completed November, 2015 and was premiered at eScape on December 12, 2015 by Anna Menkis, Breeanna Ebert, and Sarah Ransom with myself as the speaker. No recording exists yet.


By Andrew Dewey

What is Innocence?
And when is it gone?
Could it be that blissful
When Hell raises and
Mountains fall
That ignorance that
Lets you push on?

Could it be that sheltered
When Death looks on
And sex corrupts
You look at the good
And ignore the bad

Or maybe it’s just
Letting you think
That what’s good
Will be good
And what is bad
Will disappear
Creating a holy
Serenity of blue water
And bright skies
To put the picture of
Your future

But then the future comes

And what happens to that picture?

They say that God
Works in mysterious ways
But so does Death
Killing those we love
Before they die
Changing the parts
We admired most
And keeping those
We didn’t even know were there

The painting is destroyed
The skies don’t cloud
But merely disappear
Into a nonexistence
We can’t comprehend
Because existing is all we know

We grow scared
Our ignorance is learned
Our happiness turns sad
And our optimism
Picks the corpse of our
Just to manifest itself
Into pessimism

That’s when mine was dead
When the boys and girls
I knew and loved
Into the men and women
I could hardly face
Alone I was
And that realization alone
Killed any home in me

And now I’m dead
Preaching to you
But do those who remain
Heed a dead man’s sorrows?
For if they did
They too
Would be dead


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