Hear Me

Carpe Diem

for String Quartet

“Hear Me” is the programmatic telling of a story. The melody drives the piece, and shades the character of it as it develops. What details in the story I’m shading I believe, can be translated to any story the listener chooses. This thought process was the result of me having composed this piece at the young age of 18. Because I was a young composer, I was exploring the idea of keeping information from the audience. As a result, though I did have a personal story in mind as I wrote this piece, I chose not to disclose it.


The piece was finished in November of 2013 and was premiered in December of 2013 at a Carnegie Mellon University Composer’s Concert by Josh Burca, Mimi Jung, Sam Smith and Alec Maire. Later, Carpe Diem String Quartet (www.cdsq.org/) recorded it in the Vlahakis Recording Studio. This recording received an Honorable Mention in the CMU String Quartet Composition Competition.


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