Contemplation 21

(for Tibetan singing bowls and 3 celli)

Contemplation 21 is an illustration of modern meditation. It reflects the aspects of rumination that are complicated by the 21st-century. We are aware that every individual has their own way of contemplation and meditation. For some, it’s time in a room, alone with their thoughts. For others, it’s an hour of dedicated listening to music. This piece is my offering for one meditative experience. While brief, it embodies a full journey in the mind, augmented by the unique Tibetan Sing bowls.

Contemplation 21 was commissioned by Nicholas Dewey.


This piece was finished on February 25th, 2019 and was premiered by Kyle Hughes (Tibetan Singing Bowls), Alma Engebretson, Ava Johnson, and Alexander Feltnor Harrison (celli) on March 10, 2019.