Classical Composition Portfolio

Paranoia in an Illusion (the Trouble with Eyes)

A quick fanfare to commemorate the turmoils of obsession, distortion, and our most human feature.

Alone (Laughing on the Ground)

A snapshot of a moment. Anguished. But ok. Intense. But personal.

A Cry for Help (in Puritan America)

A take on Puritan ideals in the United States, obsession, and minimalism in the form of an 8-minute orchestra piece.

Contemplation 21

What does meditation look like in the 21-Century? 3 celli and Tibetan Singing Bowls offer an answer.

Signal Through Time

1 Computer, 1300 lines of code and 1 news article. How will this computer transform the news into a piece of music. Only you can witness to find out.

Trapped in a Mind with a Friend of Mine

3 vocalists. 14 instrumentalists. 18 collaborative artists. 45 minutes of music. 1 crowdfund. And an idea about tackling the deep impacts of apparent harmless idealization.

CS1 Score

Chamber Symphony No. 1 – “Dissociation”

A 3 movement, 18 minute exploration into cross-genre, cross-world musical existences for 15 instrumentalists and 1 conductor. Dedicated to Shane M. Gillen.


The Helpless Song Cycle

6 movement work that started out being written for two musicians, then flourished into a 10 instrumentalists, 1 soprano piece. And finished with over 80 musicians, solo soprano, and solo cello in the final, orchestral song, “Hedonism.” All tackling tough issues in an attempt to exorcise myself of them.

Shosh and Brooke


2 oboists and 10 miniatures portraying conversational idiosyncrasies. Humorous. Emotional. And a tough read for my poor friends!

The Privileged and the Pleasant

A relatively brief piece for wind ensemble, contrasting two world without apologizing to the audience.


3 instrumentalists and 1 narrator explore the deep resistance to the corruption on one’s peers.

Variations on a Theme by Ariana Grande

4 musicians explore the numerous iterations of Grande’s 2 measure theme in 6 minutes.

The Survivor’s Cello Suite

1 musician explores the 1 event that affected thousands in 2001. In a rare instance, we see the generalized suffering on a personal level.

Violin Stock Photo

Just Another Struggle

Fun and strange. 2 musicians get caught in a composer’s stream of conscious filled with odd melodies, chanting, and screaming.

It Is Entirely Seemly

3 vocalists and 5 pit musicians take on the concept of purity in 15 minutes through 1 man’s struggle over 5 years.

Ping Performing "Father"


5 vocalists depict a dark scene over 5 minutes. Who is suffering, who is “Father,” and what is suffering is yet to be seen…

Carpe Diem

Hear Me

4 musicians build a 10 minute world, open to be built by the audience’s imagination.

Playground Hear Me

The Unseen

5 musicians. 1 melody. And a disturbing development of it all…