Andrew Dewey is a composer based out of Pittsburgh. Recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, Dewey has pursued expressions of emotions both dark and light. He began the pursuit of this expression with the composition of the five-part choral piece (SSATB) titled “Father” with an undisclosed meaning. The piece was premiered and recorded by Ping. It was described as a stirring “mini-opera” by WQED, Pittsburgh’s classical radio station.

At the same time, Dewey dipped into the musical theater scene by composing a short musical titled “It Is Entirely Seemly” which depicts a young man’s struggle of purity. This piece, along with others, was premiered in The Freshman Showcase, a CMU concert series Dewey founded and led to give freshman composers and performers a platform to show their talents and growth over the last year of work. It is currently entering its fifth consecutive year.

Dewey’s next endeavor was beginning The Helpless Song Cycle, a three-year and six song project that aimed to convey poignant emotions, spurred by the composer’s thoughts. The cycle covered topics from sexualization to violence attributed to mental illness and culminated in an orchestrated out five song performance with a string quintet-wind quintet ensemble accompanying a soprano and conducted by Dewey. The finale of the cycle was written for and premiered by the CMU Philharmonic with Lindsey Chinn as the soprano and Sameer Apte as the solo cellist. Titled “Hedonism,” the song explored the struggles of a young adult to stay focused on wholesome goals in distracting world. The piece was the winner of the CMU Orchestral Composition Competition.

Other than his song cycle, Dewey has composed smaller chamber works such as “Conversations,” an oboe duet; “Thicker than Water,” a short opera made in collaboration with writer Paloma Sierra; “Innocence,” a piece for an electronically enhanced speaker, trumpet, clarinet and double bass; and others. Dewey has also shown a lighter side in his ongoing Staged Performance Piece series, which stretches the bounds of the classical performance setting in a parodying way.

His most recent accomplishment was the completion and premiere of his one-act opera, “Trapped in a Mind with a Friend of Mine,” written in collaboration with librettist Lauren Wimmer. The piece was supported by the Carnegie Mellon University Crowdfund and was premiered in collaboration with over 20 artists. The two night run of the show received positive reviews.

After graduated Carnegie Mellon University with University and College honors and the Harry G. Archer award and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition. He also received his Advanced Music Studies Certificate from CMU and is attending the University of Denver Lamont School of Music for his Master’s of Music in Music Composition.

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