[EDT] – Self Awareness as Inspiration

This story starts at two moments.

Moment 1

I have a very passionate wind ensemble director. When he stops you in the hall, he will go on a topic that will lead to some statement on a fundamental profundity of life. Recently, I ran into him and he began to talk about caves in France where the oldest artistic creations of humanity exist. Something of 30,000 years ago. To him, the magnitude of the paintings, hidden away in a section of cave that is very uncomfortable, and somewhat dangerous, to get to, showed a significant functioning and self-awareness in humanity, far beyond anything we give early humans credit for. He said people say early human art was just to show where the food was. But this showed him that these humans were self-aware enough to create expression.

Read more about this here.

Moment 2

I’m a simple man. When I got distracted on worksheets in grade school, I would see all the lines on the page and see how I could connect my own lines between them in some aesthetically pleasing way. When I saw the EDP logo, I saw the opportunity for that same game, but on a platform of an artistic work. 

I’m sure this doodling technique isn’t unique to me. But it’s something that I feel is innately part of me, which is what inspires me to put the effort in to try and teach a computer how to do it. This is the fundamental part of human expression: we are self-aware enough to realize what is inherent to our unique existence. And we want to communicate that. When we pursue communicating that inherent uniqueness, we find the path of least resistance to impactful art. (Note: I’m not saying this is the only path, just an effective one.)

What’s the point of all this heady diatribe?

It’s that, in making my final project for this class, I decided to stick to my intuition. The idea is simple: connect lines from the parts of the letter and edge of the frame to create the EDP logo using negative space. In this, I still had decisions to make. Namely, what aesthetic did I want all of the converging lines to result in? Do I want them to curve? How do I want them to form? The personal nature of the conception of this idea made these answers easier to come to.

Whenever I doodled like this, the lines would always result in some chaotic pattern. The lines were always straight. What did they remind me of? A bird’s nest?

No, too circular of a pattern. A net?

No, too much of a grid-like pattern. Well maybe they should wave? No, that’s not how I’ve ever done it.

So there we’re left with randomly spawning lines that stop at the letter. They don’t go through! That’s too little chaos. Our minds would just fill in the gaps of the lines. All roads lead to Rome. And all lines lead to EDP. 

– Dewey

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